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"Do It Yourself" Driveway Maintenance & Repair!

- A complete list if the tools and materials you'll need!

- Choosing safe products that will last!

- How to perform patch repairs!

- How to seal cracks

- How to Apply the sealer just like the pro's!

Most "Do It Yourself" web sites that show you how to seal a driveway claim it's easy! But just ask any professional if they think sealing an asphalt driveway is easy and they'll laugh!


The truth is... sealcoating is simple... but it's not easy. It's very simple if you know
how to do it just like the professionals.

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Our library of over 25 asphalt sealcoating tutorial videos will show you exactly how to do it right the first time including:

How To Estimate The Needed Materials

How To Seal Cracks THE RIGHT WAY!

How To Make Patch Repairs

How To Treat Oil Spots

How To Apply The Sealer 2 DIFFERENT WAYS!


Don't wait until you've already started seal coating your asphalt driveway before you realize... it's not as easy as some people say!

We've been in the driveway business for over a decade and we can show you how to seal coat an asphalt driveway AS GOOD AS THE PROFESSIONALS...
Save $$$ Hundreds if not $$$ Thousands Of Dollars!
Register TODAY and we'll keep you up to date with the most cutting edge asphalt maintenance materials on the market. We'll also send you periodic reminders of when to re-seal the cracks or when your driveway should be re-sealed so you can squeeze every bit of life out of your asphalt driveway as possible!


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There is no catch... we maintain our site through payment from our sponsors... so we don't need your money!
All we care about is helping you sealcoat your driveway so you don't end up paying some fly by night contractor, traveling rip off, or self proclaimed driveway expert for a sub-standard job and get ripped off!

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do it yourself sealcoating asphalt sealcoating how to seal asphalt

"Thank You!  This was one of the most helpful DIY tutorials I have ever used.  My 20 year old driveway looks great thanks to your videos, and a little effort on my part"

T. Wattie - New York


Asphalt Sealcoating before picture. Do It Yourself!            How To Seal A Driveway! Blacktop Sealcoating!

"Your videos are awesome and very informative. If it wasn't for your videos and seeing how easy this is for the average DIY'er, I would have dished out hundreds of dollars to have someone else do it. Maybe I could make some extra cash and see if my neighbors would like theirs done for half the cost the pro's are charging."

S.McAuley - Pennsylvania



How To Repair & Sealcoat An Asphalt Driveway. This is a pic of a user of who watched our videos and sealed his driveway himself! Great Job Brian!            Brian sealed his asphalt driveway by watching our asphalt driveway sealcoating tutorial videos!


The sealcoating of my driveway went without any problems. At first, it was tricky laying down the material and working it around with the squeegee, but I got the hang of it the more I did it. It was a big job for one person. My wife helped with cutting-in around the edges. I don't think I would have attempted to sealcoat my driveway without your "How to Sealcoat" video. After watching your step-by-step video, it definitely remove any doubt I had about sealcoating. I found that you probably have the best video on the web about sealcoating. I've attached before and after shots. The driveway was a little damp in the before shot but it looks brand new now. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Thanks for all your help!! Brian - New York, NY





















I sealed two driveways with your how to seal a driveway system using the 1 step 2 coat method. My 1st driveway is about 9' x 110'. Drive #2 is fairly large and has a big circle turnaround at the house end, app 2350 sq'. It turned out excellent!

Mark Miller - Wisconsin



sealcoating tutorials we're the key to making this driveway look awewome!

"I had the fly by night guys out every year... year after year... to seal my driveway. And every year they sealed it I paid them a few hundred dollars only to be disappointed the following year. It just didn't seem to last. I decided to try it myself and I found your videos to be the most detailed on the internet. You left no questions unanswered! It's easy to see now that I have been getting ripped off every year! I can tell this will last because it looks ten times better!"

KWayne - Denver



"My driveway looks awesome! Your videos were the key to my success. I looked everywhere on the internet but all I found was general crap instruction. Your site was extremely helpful."

"FYI, just yesterday my neighbor commented on how good my driveway looked. He said it looked just as good as the guys you pay to do it. Thanks for providing me the tools to do the job right. I am so glad I did the job myself."

Joe - Massachusetts


"The driveway turned out great! Your videos helped tremendously!"

Ed - Yonkers, NY



Over 25 Videos & 70 Page eBook!

Instant Access!



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